Part 3: Delivering Prescriptive Insights


Put your working knowledge of the science of sales to use in the third and final installment of our course. Practice delivering prescriptive sales insights around the sales process, forecasting, productivity and more.


Mapping Your Sales Process to Your Sales Formula

Until now, pinpointing bottlenecks or inefficiencies in your sales process has been extremely difficult. Using the sales process you refined in part 1, lesson 3 and the Sales Formula you created in part 2, lesson 1, this module will teach you how to effectively measure your sales process.

Exercise: Map Your Sales Process to Your Sales Formula

Managing Lead Yield

Lead yield is a key yield measure that determines the value of a lead based on its potential sales revenue. Using lead yield, you will be able to define your ideal prospect profile and more strategically score, prioritize and distribute your leads.

Exercise: Practice Calculating Lead Yield

Measuring Meaningful Sales Activities

In this lesson, Peter Kazanjy, sales ops guru and founder of Modern Sales Salon, discusses how to weed meaningless vanity metrics out of your sales tracking checklist, and how to identify and measure the sales activities that ultimately lead to increased revenue.

Tips to Improve Team Productivity

From leveraging email templates and marketing collateral, to understanding process workflows and your ideal outreach cadence, Peter Kazanjy, sales ops guru and founder of Modern Sales Salon, is sharing tips for how sales operations leaders can scientifically increase team efficiencies.

Nailing Your Sales Forecast

LinkedIn's Director of Sales Solutions John Mayhall offers a fresh perspective on sales forecasting using the sales science methodologies covered throughout this course, and teaches how to more effectively predict and drive toward your sales revenue goals.

Resource: How to Eliminate Sales Forecasting Fallacies with a Data-Driven Approach


1 hour


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