Parts 1-3: Sales Operations Boot Camp - Sales Science Certification


With the rise of the the science of sales, sales operations now has a more scalable and reliable way to measure and maximize performance. This course, purchased here as a bundle or in three separate parts below, is designed to help sales ops leaders take their capabilities to the next level by getting acquainted with the science of sales and setting them on a path to becoming a sales scientist.


3 hours


Lay the foundation needed to become a scientific sales organization by refining your sales process, building a data strategy and more in this first of three steps toward becoming a certified sales scientist.
Get acquainted with the building blocks of sales science. In the second part of our sales science course, attendees will learn all about sales dimensions, the new metrics of sales and even build their own Sales Formula.
Put your working knowledge of the science of sales to use in the third and final installment of our course. Practice delivering prescriptive sales insights around the sales process, forecasting, productivity and more.


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The training is priced from $ 299.00 USD per participant

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